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Music and Virtual Reality Artist.

Composer. Producer.
Human Rights & Peace Advocate.

Production by ÅMBE (Maria Brodskaya) & ADMRL (Brian Forbes)
Music and Lyrics by ÅMBE 
Hand-Drawn VR Painting by ÅMBE 
360 by Efrain Aguilar

Jump Into The Light
Google Tilt Brush


For a 360-DEGREE Experience please USE THE SCROLL IN THE UPPER LEFT CORNER of the video window, or watch on your mobile device through Youtube.

“3.O.W. - ALIEN’s CODE” VR 360 Experience
is the Official Selection of the Bowery Film Festival, Fall 2019

Maria Brodskaya aka ÅMBE has recently created a VR Music 360 Experience - the first of its kind fully hand-drawn in VR 360 Music & Lyric Video, that she developed with GOOGLE Tilt Brush, in collaboration with JUMP INTO THE LIGHT – the leading NYC-based VR Cinema and Lab, to release her latest single “3.O.W.” - ALIEN’S CODE” (that she wrote and produced) as an immersive Virtual Reality performance art piece.


This VR Music Experience was previewed at the 2019 SXSW, and has been exhibited at MORA - The Museum of Russian Art, the POP-UP Gallery in Battery Park, the K&P Gallery in Chelsea, International Art Festival IAF 2019, as well as at the Theater For The New City and Jersey City Theater Center. It has also become an official selection of Bowery Film Festival. 

Here is the preview video:

“3.O.W.” - ALIEN’S CODE” preview



The idea of this Virtual Reality composition  “3.O.W.” - ALIEN’S CODE” 


is to visualize wide emotional range of human feelings and emotions as a 360 degree VR experience. 

The piece is based on the philosophical idea that a mortal life on Earth is a temporary escape from eternity... This VR musical experience brings one to an abstract place in the space-time continuum, immersing the participant in a series of primordial emotions... ranging from love, desire and creation to pain and destruction. The experience of such a wide polarity is one of the most unique and amazing features of our human nature.

Technology is conquering different fields of art, and VR is quickly becoming the era-defining mass medium. With this VR music experience, ÅMBE was determined to show that tech is not the answer to life's problem or a replacement for engaging in the real world. VR is just another tool to creatively express the human universe, and at the end of a day its value boils down to such essential components like expressing feelings and emotions, and their embodiment in the Arts. The project also expresses the idea that while we all are struggling to be what is conventionally defined as “successful” and “rich”, that we all are equal, and in fact, that we are all the One... despite often being divided into groups based on race, gender and sexuality. Being born as humans is already a treasure! One that we, unfortunately, don’t often value as much as we should. The emotional experience that we come into this life for, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, is something that keeps us growing and evolving. And that is what matters the most. what matters the most. 

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