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Music and Virtual Reality Artist.
Composer. Producer.
Human Rights & Peace Advocate.

How Maria Brodskaya Uses Virtual Reality For Art Therapy

Meet Maria Brodskaya, a Russian-American musician, producer, educator and entrepreneur known as ÅMBE. Maria is a VR pioneer who is merging classical performance, neuroscience and holistic body practices into one-of-a-kind experiences. Oh, and she is also a ViolinBorg with impeccable otherworldly style.

The New York Times

The Lower East Side in 8 Songs

"At Jump Into the Light on Orchard Street, you wear a virtual reality headset to experience what may be the future of music. It’s a VR arcade on the street level, but upstairs is a creative studio where designers have been collaborating with music artists like Brooklyn’s Maria Brodskaya"


ÅMBE creates the Art of the Future or the Future of Art!​

Maria is all about breaking the boundaries between different art forms. She is a true pioneer intertwining classical acoustic performances and electronic music production together with VR Visualizations into a singular Mixed Reality performance. She creates a holistic immersive art suite in which she attempts for the first time to virtuously combine modern classical violin improvisation in the Mixed Reality (MR) environment with indie/pop electronic production and a staggering four octave vocal range, while creating VR paintings with her body movements in a cyber dance.


Brooklyn-based artist åMBe uses her forward-looking mind and new single to ease ours. Move over Tylenol, “Ache” is the real extra strength stuff.  Doctors should prescribe these exact gritty synths, lush melodies, and pulsating bass lines to cure all their patients' ailments; perhaps with a side of truth serum. While åMBe's electro-pop hybrid sound will entrance, it's her voice, and relatable lyrics, worth listening extra close to. 

RIFF Magazine

ÅMBE dazzles with soft string instrumentals and gentle guitar picking before blending into a mysterious opening... She sings to you like a siren. The chorus erupts into a cacophonous melody like a Radiohead ode... ÅMBE is definitely one to watch.”


“Of Your Crimes” by Brooklyn musician ÅMBE is not the theme song of the next James Bond movie, but it should be."

Sleeping Bag

“Somewhere in between the sounds of Portishead, Massive Attack, Poe and Imogen Heap… What she’s doing here though…is truly unique, truly expressive and truly bang-on with its connection to emotional texture – I honestly can’t get enough of this record and I’ve been listening to it intently all day long like I’m never going to stop.”

Wolf In A Suit

“With a voice that speaks poetry through honest verses and a beauty that is hypnotizing we fall to our knees and loose all control of our sense”


“Her aesthetics are dream-like and ghostly, almost floating into thin air with her stunning phrasing and memorable otherworldly lines. ÅMBE makes me think of artists such as Daughter or James Blake, making for a truly memorable approach where personal lyrics truly interplay with fantastic melodies and infectious beats.”


As a multi-instrumentalist, ÅMBE has masterfully fused layers of violin and piano with hypnotic synths and minimalist beats. This creates a very sophisticated sound. With heartfelt, compelling songwriting skills, combined with her remarkable vocal range, ÅMBE creates an unmistakably recognizable sound. It is this sound that ‘Ache’ exemplifies and is, therefore, able to hold its own against any other song out there at the moment.


Her peers are fans too. ÅMBE very recently won the award for ‘Best Dance/Electronic EP’ for Enemy of the People at the 16th Independent Music Awards. The prestigious awards ceremony was held at the Lincoln Center in New York. The judges included Tom Waits, Amy Lee, Slayer, Anthony DeCurtis (Rolling Stones) and many more.

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