VR Music Education Platform NEXVOX is a music visualization application, based on VR, AR and AI, for learning and playing music in immersive 3D space. In collaboration with the world's leading neuro-marketing company "Neuro-Insight” lead by its global CEO John Zweig, and NYC leading VR Cinema and Lab “Jump Into The Light” Maria is utilizing her own multi-sensory learning methodology, as well as nearly 20 years music education experience, creating this innovative product for learning through hands motion and associative thinking. This approach is increasing brain productivity, significantly easing and speeding up the learning process. Interactive experience, with no need of even a music instrument, it can be used at any time from any place, including limited movement and mobility circumstances, like home education, hospitals, army or prison.
It can also be used by kids and adults with limited physical abilities or with learning disabilities

Demo video:






In collaboration with the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra and the world's leading neuro-marketing company "Neuro-Insight” lead by its global CEO John Zweig, Maria Brodskaya has been working on the Music and Neuroscience project which is based on creating music from human brain-waves. 





Gregory Singer - conductor, violinist composer, Manhattan Symphony orchestra director

"I am a classical musician, an orchestra conductor, so I am a skeptic of anything else musical... But when I tried it myself for the first time, I almost couldn’t hold tears back. It was like a miracle... Hearing the singing universe of your own brain… Like getting connected with the whole Universe, with everyone and everything... Getting connected back to yourself. Feeling the unity and the Oneness. What is so important and yet is missing in today’s life. And without which people have been getting less and less happy and healthy no matter how great technology and life's convenience is getting.”

Brian Forbes - Grammy-winning producer, composer, guitarist 

“In helping to develop the technology behind the EEG-based musical synthesis, it felt like a really intimate process between the technology and the participant. The first time I tried the actual working prototype I was brought to a state of simultaneous bliss and awe at the wonder of the human condition. For lack of a better explanation, it felt like seeing for the first time the face of God, and I was brought into a deep state of humility and led into an overwhelming outpouring of physical emotion and gratitude to the universe."

David Silverberg - inventor, design engineer, innovator, author
“I don’t remember myself for decades sleeping as well as I did after trying this... It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Gorgeous, beautiful. Calming. For me, as an inventor and engineer-innovator, it was so incredibly interesting. I think it has amazing potential and is going to be a breakthrough for anti-depression and anti-anxiety therapy, besides also having tremendous artistic value.”